Dream To Fly released on March 26th

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Dream To Fly released on March 26th

Hi Everyone,

Jasun Tipton'' album entitled Dream To Fly was released today, March 26th.

It can be purchased at http://jasuntipton.bandcamp.com and we already had a few reviews, such as https://shadesofnoirsite.wordpress.com/2021/03/24/guitar-extraordinaire-jasun-tipton-soars-on-the-dream-to-fly/

It was an amazing experience recording this album with some very talented folks.

We had:
Chris Salinas - Vocals
Jasun Tipton - Guitars
Brian Hart - Bass
Jeremy Villuci - Keyboards
Marco Bicca - Drums

Below we are also releasing a video, dedicated to everyone that had to face Alzheimer's Disease in your life, a family member, closed friends and so on. We really want to send some love to you all.

On Jasun's own words:

This video is dedicated to everyone with a close family or friend with Alzheimer's Disease. A special appearance from my very talented friend Christopher Salinas who's singing his heart out for his mom (Who's dealing with disease). Marco's Grandmother and my Aunt Pat (Love you Aunt Pat) had the disease and we honor them and our loving families.```