I have my own recording room at home, which I have been recording albums since 2014, as well as doing live streaming and other projects.

I have up to 28 tracks that I can use to track drums, in most cases, you just need to send me your tracks with the tempo information, or a separate click track and I will send the drum tracks back for you to mix, master and edit, tailoring to your needs.

There has been some cases where I got the full project in Logic / Reaper / Protools which I just added the drum channels to them and recorded too.
I am super flexible to work.

Editing, Mixing and Mastering can be include on the price too, just let me know in advance.

Payments can be arranged through paypal or another method that is convenient and easier to you, for example Apple Pay or Venmo.

Below you can find a list of my equipment details.

Pearl Masters Maple Gum
Bass Drum - 20x14
Rack Toms - 10x7 | 12x8
Floor Tom - 14x14

Pearl Reference Pure Drums
Bass Drum – 22×18
Rack Toms – 8×8 | 10×8 | 12×9
Floor Toms – 16×16 | 18×16

QDrum CO - Cold Rolled Steel - Matte Black
10 ply Maple Rings
Bass Drum - 14x26
Tom - 9x13
Floor Tom - 16x16

14x7 | QDrumCO | Gentlemen's Snare Copper
12x7 | Gretsch Purple Heart | Ash Soan'' Signature
14×6.5 | Pearl | RFP1465S | Pearl Reference Pure Snare – Wood
14×5.0 | Pearl | CS1450 | Chad Smith Signature Snare – Steel/Black
14x5.0 | Pearl | Sensitone Beaded Phosphor Bronze
14×5.25 | Sonor | SS14525GH | Gavin Harrison Signature Snare
14x8 | Ludwig | LW0814SL | Ludwig Supralite

Pearl Eliminator | Double Bass

Zildjian Cymbals

20" A Medium Thin Crash
20" K Sweet Crash
19” A Avedis Crash
19" K Sweet Crash
18" A Avedis Crash
18” Kerope Crash Ride
18" A Medium Thin Crash
17" K Custom Special Dry Trash Crash
20" Oriental Crash of Doom

14" A New Beat Hi-Hats
14" K Hi-Hats
16" K Light Hats

22" K Constantinople Overhammered Thin Ride
20" K Ride
20" K Constantinople Renaissance Ride

FX / Splash Cymbals
10" K Custom Dark Splash
10" FX Stack with Mount
10" FX Spiral Stacker
10" Oriental China Trash
17" K China Crash

LP Timbales

Aston Origin
Lauten Audio Snare Mic
Lauten Audio FC-357
AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon Mic MkII
Coles 4038
Shure SM57 | Beta 57A | Beta91A | Beta 52A | SM94
Sennheiser MD421 | MD441
Avantone Mondo Kick Mic
Solomon Mic (SubKick)
Warm Audio W47jr
Beyer Dynamic M160 | M201 | TGD57C

Electronics / Software / Hardware
Antelope Audio Orion Synergy Core

Cranborne ADAT 500 chassis with preamps:
Neve 88RLB | Neve 1073LB | SSL Six Channel and Camden 500

Audient ASP88o preamps

SPL Transient Designer 4 channels
Chameleon Labs Compressor 7720
Art PRO VLA II Compressor

Yamaha EAD-10
Roland RT-10S Snare trigger | Roland RT-10K Kickdrum trigger | Roland TM-2 Trigger module
Apple Logic Pro X | Protools | Reaper
Slate Digital Trigger and Platinum Drums
Yamaha HS5 Monitors
ToonTrack Superior Drummer 3