Press Release: The Element, now Wreck of Time

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Press Release: The Element, now Wreck of Time

The Element becomes Wreck of Time
August 29th, 2022

After many years of using the name The Element, the Brazilian/North American progressive metal group has decided to change the band name to Wreck of Time.

According to the band’s founder Rafael Macedo, the desire to change has been there for a few years as more artists have been using similar names and affecting the ease of access to the band’s material online.

“When we started as The Element, we could not find any other acts with similar names. Nowadays, there are several bands with ‘Element’ in their names.

After a long search, we landed on Wreck of Time. The inspiration was a quote I’ve seen in the show Westworld. I truly loved the quote's meaning that we are just ghosts, survivors of the wreck of time.

I believe it encapsulates the main idea of our identity as a band. Something that makes you think and can have many different meanings and views. It reflects our exploration of different influences and styles.

And the most important of them all… It is how we’ve been feeling for the past 4, 5 years…Aside from the name change, Wreck of Time’s latest news include a new album ready to be released in 2022. Called From Sand Part II, the new album is the story's conclusion that started in From Sand Part I, released in 2012.

Wreck of Time currently has Rafael Macedo as the lead guitarist, vocalist, and composer, Marco Bicca as the drummer, and Jeremy Villucci as the keyboard player and backing vocals. The latest album was mixed by Jens Bogren and mastered by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden.

Drums were recorded at Robert Lang’s Studio in Seattle, WA, and all remaining instruments were recorded at the 242 Music Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.

The band is excited to release the new logo, 14 new music tracks, and videos soon.

Updated website at, all our social media and other resources are also being updated with the new naming.