A Dying Planet's new album is coming out soon!

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A Dying Planet's new album is coming out soon!


One of the amazing updates for the year is about a great story of a dreaming drummer!

All of you know I was born in Brazil and throughout my life I had exposure to great music and one of the bands that I remember getting an album called “The Towers of Avarice” was Zero Hour, from Pleasanton, CA and it had the awesome “Tipton Brothers” in it. God I remember listening to that and having no idea what I was listening to! Like the very first time I listened to Dream Theater or Symphony-X or any other bands I listened back them (which I still listen today by the way).

Jasun Tipton and Troy Tipton and of course, Zero Hour have always been a tremendous influence in music for me.

Fast forward about 5 years and I am now living in United States AND without knowing or associating, living really close from the.

I remember I saw and met them at a few local shows in the Bay Area and was amazed how cool, down to earth and humble they were , not mentioning, always supporting shows and bands in the Bay Area.

In 2008 was my first time ever seeing them live, playing at the Bay Area Rock Festival along with Liquid Tension Experiment, Jeff Scott Soto, Eric Martin (singer), Sun Caged, Enchanted (Which is also another amazing band that I have always listened to and based in the Bay Area too).

Fast forward 10 years and I am in a project with Jasun and Troy called A Dying Planet and, we are at the moment mixing the songs!

Everyone that knows me knows that my passion playing drums, music and these are the moments that I really look up to. I am really humbled, excited and grateful to be making some awesome music with these amazing guys that are some of my idols but also the greatest human beings all around!

Jasun/Troy, thank you so much for thinking of me of doing this and I can’t wait to show everyone what we have done!

Anyways folks, stay tuned because this is going to rule!

PS: The only picture I found of me and those great souls also has my brother from another brother Korhan Bircan , which I played in a few projects and used to be a student of Jasun’s!